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God’s Perfect Partner

07 Jun God’s Perfect Partner

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My wedding day on March 25, 2014 at Ville Sommet was one of the joyous and most memorable days of my life. After having been separated and eventually divorced from my first marriage in 2006, I had to go through a period of healing that took about 7 years to complete.

After having experienced God’s miracles and transformation in my life, I trusted that God can help restore my love life. However, it wasn’t easy. I went through three more relationships that were not right for me. These led to more even heartache. Finally, there a came a point in my life when I said, “enough with all these men!” I’ve decided to focus and be serious in developing a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ whose love, I believe, surpasses all the love I could ever receive from anyone.

Yes, Jesus was my “boyfriend” for about 4 years and I experienced a honeymoon with God like no other. He pursued me and made me feel loved and cherished, like a princess. I prayed and believed that God will help me to choose a man to marry, one that he thinks is the BEST for me. There times when l got impatient and lonely while waiting but my worship and prayer times with Jesus were more than enough. In the process, he healed my heart completely.

Finally, towards the end of the 7th year, I asked the Lord who it is that he has chosen for me to marry. Three weeks before my birthday, after I blew the candle on my surprise birthday cake, the Lord whispered a name in my heart: “ARDY.” My  journey to finding God’s Best is written in the last three chapters of my book “HE CAN CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL.”

I am so blessed to be experiencing a love that I have never before with a man and a life partner that God himself chose for me: Ardy Roberto.

I give full credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His wonderful grace, to God my Father for choosing a man to love me like Jesus loves me, and the Holy Spirit for guiding and leading me to God’s chosen best for me. All thanks, glory, honor and praise to the God of Second Chances!

Here’s the SDE video of our wedding. Thanks to Threelogy Video Team for capturing wonderful moments on our special day!


Video Credit: Threelogy Video. For bookings, send an email to inquiry@threelogyvideo.com or call +63 2 4344428.  🙂


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